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Business Strategy and Policy

In the world of business, corporate strategy refers to the overall strategy of an organization that is made up of multiple business units, operating in multiple markets. Strategy determines how the corporation as a whole supports and enhances the value of the business units within it; and it answers the question, “How do we structure the overall business, so that the sum of its parts creates more value together than they would individually?”


In the Business Strategy and Policy course, students will learn the organizational elements that need to be accounted for in developing a business strategy and how to formulate a strategy for growth in a competitive environment in a large global corporation or in a start-up with visions of global operations. Further, they will learn how to lead the implementation of a strategic plan and evaluate its impact and effectiveness. This course will help students conceptualize what it means to be a leader of a business in a competitive environment and will develop their understanding of the challenges faced by functional managers.

3 Semester Credit Hours

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