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The BHSEU Online MBA Program

100% online, accelerated MBA with a tuition of only $11,952 with flexible payment installments

BHSEU Payment Plans

BHSEU offers low-interest payment plans for MBA students through TFC!

16-Month Plan - 4.5% Interest - $771.03/Month*

24-Month Plan - 9.5% Interest - $548.77/Month*

* The monthly payment amount reflects tuition only. If a student includes proctoring or library services fees in the amount financed, the monthly payment will increase.

The Business, Humanities, Science and Ethics University, USA, is proud to offer a 100% online Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree that can be completed regularly in 16 months or accelerated to 12 months. BHSEU's program affords students the opportunity to obtain a graduate degree without having to hit pause on their lives, making it perfect for individuals already in the workforce, parents, or anyone without the availability to commute/attend an on-ground university. The online format provides students with the flexibility to study when they want, where they want, minimizing disruption to their career, family, and/or location. Our tuition cost of only $11,952 with flexible payment installments makes BHSEU one of the most affordable online MBA options in the industry.


Our highly-qualified faculty combines exceptional educational credentials, Doctors of  Business Administration, PhDs, with extensive professional experience, in both the  executive and academic fields. Learn more about BHSEU>> 

Our MBA Price Comparison

BHSEU sets itself apart from other online MBA options via one of the most affordable tuition costs in the industry. Along with our low price point at $11,952, we’re also proud to offer pay-as-you-go financing options, making good on our commitment to delivering high-quality MBA education for individuals on tight budgets.

See for yourself in the comparative table below:


Please note, the total tuition amount is dependent upon fees and schedule. Please see the BHSEU Policies page for detailed tuition and fees information. For more information about our MBA program or the payment plans, please contact our staff directly.

Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program

Total Credits: 36 Semester Credit Hours

Standard Program Length/Schedule: 

  • 16 Months

  • 3 Courses (9 Semester Credit Hours) per Term

Accelerated Program Length/Schedule: 

  • 12 Months

  • 4 Courses (12 Semester Credit Hour) per Term

Program Description:

The MBA program prepares students for the increasingly complex administration, management, and leadership abilities needed to get ahead in today’s global economy. The courses are designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge to advance their careers or forge a new path in a variety of industries. All of the courses include a variety of learning activities and opportunities for student-to-student interaction, empowering students to share their experience and learn from each other as well as from the highly-qualified faculty


For information about admissions, transfer of credit, tuition & fees, refunds, and other important disclosures, please view our School Catalog and visit the BHSEU Policies page.

MBA Program Length Comparison


*, How Long Does It Take to Get an MBA?, 9/14/2020

** Master’s Program Guide, How Long Does it Take to Complete an Online MBA Degree?, 5/26/2017


$11,952 Tuition


Experienced Staff


Transfer Credit Accepted


Accelerated Program


Flexible Payment Installments 


Relevant Coursework

To help ensure that BHSEU is providing high-quality, distance education that is industry-relevant, it has established an Advisory Board. The Advisory Board includes industry representatives and education experts who review curriculum, student achievement, and provide insight on industry trends that BHSEU uses to continually improve its program and delivery. Learn more >>


Topics covered include: statistical analysis and industry predictions, corporate structure, policy and regulations, traditional and digital marketing, financial institutions and currency systems, cost modeling and budgeting, investing and risk management, as well as business start-up and expansion into global markets amongst others. Throughout the program, themes of ethical decision making, social responsibility, and working with a culturally, politically, and religiously diverse, distributed workforce are explored. Through real-world case studies, students have the opportunity to learn through a contextualized approach, applying their knowledge in work-related projects.

BHSEU's Career Services places a priority on preparing students for careers throughout the course of their academic studies. For those who require assistance, the University offers advice in resume writing, job searching, interview skills, and other occupational information.

Our professors have both related education and expertise in their fields. They have worked in a variety of corporations, financial institutions, and other businesses, both large and small, giving them an immediate connection with students and allowing them to facilitate student learning effectively. Students completing the MBA program will be positioned to excel in today’s diverse array of organizations, with the critical thinking skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in business, government, and nonprofit management.

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