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A Word From Our President, 
Prof. Olivier Chazoule MBA, LLM

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BHSEU was conceptualized to give more students more and better access to getting an American MBA. An MBA is an essential degree for students entering business because it exposes students to all aspects of business, whether it be marketing, financial literacy, management skills, international business, etc. As a degree, an MBA at once offers a generalized education by exposing students to these various facets of business, while also giving students a specialized understanding of how those facets work and interact with one another. An MBA diploma from the US opens many doors, both in the States, and globally, for the US is recognized as one of the world’s leaders in business. Although the US is renowned for its quality education, it is similarly notorious for offering that education at a steep price, especially for visiting students. MBA’s have always been and are increasingly becoming more expensive to obtain, especially in the United States, from where the degree is most sought after. The inspiration behind BHSEU is thus to offer more students the opportunity to achieve this prestigious and practicable degree at an affordable price. 


Utilizing modern technology and a global shift toward virtual education and work environments, we offer the course online to further our goal of making the courses as easily available as possible to a variety of students. The opportunity to take this course online ultimately saves students significant amounts of money by eliminating travel and accommodation costs, as well as eliminating the need to uproot their lives at home to pursue their goals of continuing education in the US. The degree ultimately allows students to to use their new expertise in the field of business to establish their business presence globally. Further, due to the global shift towards telecommunication and working-from-home, our students will have the opportunity to work for a myriad of international firms and businesses from their home countries with their American MBA.


Thirty years of working in the educational sector across various countries on different continents has taught me which lessons are crucial for students to learn, and how to offer them in accordance with a pedagogy that values the easy and comfortable facilitation of learning without compromising substance or quality. 


Having taught finance, law, business, international law, management, marketing, merger acquisition, and other courses, in dozens of universities in the last few decades, I learned that a key feature of a educational program is to have imbue in students cohesive understanding how various courses inform one another and make up the whole of the degree. This is because studies that solely focus on specialization often leave students at a disadvantage by not giving them a big picture understanding of the field in which they are specialized, and how their specialized skills may be transferable or useful outside of their specified field should they choose to explore other opportunities, or should global trends shift away from the need for certain specializations. Our aim is that by giving students this general education, as well as specialized courses, we empower them to navigate the business world in ways which will ensure their continued success wherever they may end up. 


From our program, students can expect a quality education from excellent professors, which will give them a well-rounded, generalized global perspective of how enterprises function at all levels. Notably, this MBA will give students access to the global job market by way of holding an American MBA. We have crafted a curriculum that will not be overly taxing on students, but instead gives students the opportunity to obtain their degree on their own time, in the comfort of their homes or preferred accommodations. Students will also have the advantage of obtaining this degree at one of the most competitive prices on the market, as our experience in education has allowed us and our distinguished professors to refine the courses to their necessary elements, getting rid of unnecessary frills that often make learning tedious for the sake of increasing revenue. Focusing on the quality of the education and not the marketing the “experience” of grad school as many US universities do has allowed us to cut tuition costs without compromising the quality of the education offered.

- Prof. Olivier Chazoule MBA, LLM


Our Faculty and Advisory Board combines exceptional educational credentials, Doctors of Business Administration, PhDs, with extensive professional experience, in both the  executive and academic fields. Learn more about BHSEU>> 

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